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The name of the company Espaba, comes from “España Paises Bajos”. The founder, has more than 30 years experience in business between Spain (España in Spanish) and the Netherlands (Paises Bajos, the Netherlands in Spanish).
Besides general Business with Spain, the owner has an huge experience in the automotive sector, commercial vehicles, doing business in Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East. 
Back in Europe after have been working and living in Dubai as General Manager, the idea to start an own company again.
Espaba has a worldwide network, know how and experience in international business. We buy and sell commercial vehicles, cars, spare parts.
We introduced Terberg Kinglifter in Spain in the nineties, work as distributor for ASC in Spain and distributor for several Spanish products in the Netherlands and other countries.
In the Shop we have available the products we are offering and selling directly: Spanish drinks, like Ciders of Gaitero, Riestra and Spanish special beers, like Caleya and Ordum
Of course we are in charge for Wholesales of these products. In case you are interested, feel free to contact us, without any compromise.
We are also active in consultancy. Setup of a company abroad, Spain, Middle East, introducing your product in emerging markets, distribution.
Finally but not at least, we develop and build websites, important aspect to promote introduce and sell your products in order to make your and our business a success! 
Espaba moves your Business is our slogan.

Visit our online shop!

Visit our online webshop, to check our products.
We offer several brands of Natural Cider, beers with different tastes and food of excellent quality and great taste.
We offer single bottles or boxes.

Natural Ciders & Special Beers from Spain

Ordum Logo Zwart
Ordum Beer
El Gaitero
Cider El Gaitero
Cerveza Caleya
Caleya Beer
Menendez Logo
Cider Menéndez
Sidra Riestra Logo
Cider Riestra
Cider Norniella

Our portfolio


Overview of our products and brands
Cider El Gaitero

Cider El Gaitero

Natural cider



Cider Riestra Semi Seca

Cider Riestra

Natural Cider

Terberg Kinglifter TKS

Terberg Kinglifter

Truckmounted forklifts

ASC Aluminium Scaffolding


Aluminium Scaffolding

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles


Automotive & International Business

We buy & sell commercial vehicles, machinery worldwide. If You are looking for a special truck or machinery, or have something to offer, feel free to contact us without any compromise. 
As we have an international network, we also can offer a service for a fee to sell your assets, taking care of all aspects, total handling and documents.

With more than 30 years experience, we are able to provide you with the best services. Import and export of Commercial Vehicles, import, homologation and registration of cars from e.g. Germany which can save you a lot of money. We can provide the service for the purchase of a vehicle, transport, registration, financing and even in some cases with warranty. In our international network we have the contacts to provide you with all documents for vehicles.
For more or detailed information feel free to contact us.

Besides international and local business in the automotive sector, we import, export, distribute and sell several other products. In Spain we represent with a Spanish partner Terberg Kinglifter, which are truckmounted forklifts since many years. We import and distribute several brands of drinks and food in different countries, which you can find and buy in our online webshop.
Looking for the setup of your business abroad or want to introduce your product or brand locally of abroad? We are the right partner.
Feel free to contact us, without any compromise. 

Consultancy is another additional service which we can provide. We are the right partner to help you improve your business in the automotive sector for the used department. Processes, setup, marketing, checks, warranty,  training etc. Renault Trucks, Volvo Trucks and MAN Trucks are companies where the owner of Espaba has been working for as Used Trucks Director in Europe and The Middle East. Automotive is not our only business field. We are active in other business fields like machinery, industrial goods, food and drinks at international level.
Marketing and branding, social media, building websites are one of the other additional business fields of which we take care.

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Worldwide Shipping

We provide Worldwide Shipping and transport of our products

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Best Quality

Quality is priority number 1 for Espaba. We only sell quality products

Sidra Extra El Gaitero

Best Offers

Our products give you the best value for money

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Our online shop protects you with secure payment tools

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