Espaba starts as importer of El Gaitero & Cerveza Caleya & Ordum

Espaba starts as importer of El Gaitero, Cerveza Caleya & Ordum

Espaba has started as official importer of Cider El Gaitero, Artesanal beer Cerveza Caleya and Ordum.
All products are of an excellent quality from the north of Spain, from Asturias.
100% natural products like the cider. No concentrates with water, 100% Apple. El Gaitero is one of the oldest and biggest cider manufacturers of the world and exists since 1890 with more than 130 years’ experience.
We are convinced that cider can be extraordinarily successful in the Netherlands and North of Europe.
Besides the fact that our cider is 100% natural, cider is free of Gluten.

Cerveza Caleya is a craft beer, with excellent ratings internationally in the Untappd app. Time to introduce this excellent special craft beer in the Netherlands. 
Other brand of beer is Ordum. A new name for the former small brewery Ca Beleño from Oviedo. Ordum started up a brand new brewery in the former factory of Agua de Borines. Natural Water since 1873 which is being used to brew Ordum beer.
Ordum beer is also a 100% natural product. No pasteurization, without preservatives, without filtering and without dyes. 

We have started also an online webshop, where  you can order online all our products. 
The domain is :

If You want to have a look in our online website with online shop for all our drinks, click on the button below:

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